Insider 10-27-2017

Next up, we’re going to talk about some of my favorite Legion of Everblight Companies of Iron (see what I did there?). We’ve just released a new model, Craelix, who is a total boss in Company of Iron (while also being quite strong in standard games of WARMACHINE and HORDES). So our first list, Fang of Everblight, features this new bow- and sword-wielding succubus. Our second Legion list, Silent Death, is a 25-point list that includes a pair of lesser warbeasts!

Legion – Fang of Everblight (19 pts)

A peerless hunter and ruthless killer, Craelix, Fang of Everblight serves as the dragon Everblight’s foremost assassin. Together with his chosen band of blighted Nyss, Craelix stalks his quarry no matter where in the Iron Kingdoms it may hide. From great fortresses to the most remote mountaintops, once the Fang of Everblight has begun the hunt, the death of his prey is only a matter of time.

Craelix, Fang of Everblight - Master Strategist

Craelix, Fang of Everblight [Solo] – 6pts
Blighted Nyss Archers [Unit of 10] – 13pts

Hand Size = 3

This list brings a heavy amount of ranged firepower. Craelix himself is ROF 3 with his bow, and its three attack types bring great utility to the table—Weaken to debuff hardier targets, Poison to push damage through to targets, and Blight Spasm to help him dispatch masses of troops. The Archers each carry a Nyss Longbow with a RNG of 12. With Combined Ranged Attack and Arcing Fire, this unit can cover large portions of the board while aiming. One of the strengths of this list is its strong offensive stats and high volume of accurate attacks. Aiming with the full CRA bonus brings each Blighted Nyss Archer to RAT 10! The main vulnerability of this list is going to be armies that can close the gap quickly and complete objectives; because of the ranged focus, Fang of Everblight will struggle in some of the scenarios if it ends up on the attacking side.

Legion – The Silent Death (25 pts)

Since Everblight’s spiteful siblings nearly destroyed him, the formless dragon has become cautious about flaunting his power. As he rebuilt the strength of his legion, the dragon came to rely on small strike forces to further his plans, like the small group of infiltrators and assassins known as the Silent Death. Led by the cunning hunter Telshyr Ayr, the Silent Death operates as Everblight’s vengeful talon, assassinating those he assumes were responsible for the attempt to bring about his ultimate destruction.

Strider Scout Officer - Warbeast Handlers

Strider Scouts [Unit of 6] – 9pts
Strider Scout Officer & Musician [Unit Attachment] – 4pts
Fyanna the Lash [Solo] – 5pts
Harrier [Light Warbeast] – 3pts
Stinger [Light Warbeast] – 4pts

Hand Size = 4

This list is similar to the Fang of Everblight list in that it has a strong ranged presence, but the two warbeasts and Fyanna tagging along give it a distinctive melee punch while allowing it to complete objectives more consistently. Striders are a fast skirmishing unit with Stealth, meaning they will win most ranged fights while staying out of combat. And with Hunter, even if a model passes its casualty roll with a knocked down result, Striders will ignore the cover benefit they receive, easily dispatching the model again and forcing another casualty roll.

The Harrier and the Stinger each bring different benefits to the list. The Harrier has a naturally high defense, and the Elusive animus grants it Dodge. This allows the Harrier to weave in and out of the opposing army and get into some weird places. If it hangs out near Fyanna, its special rule Annoyance can really . . . annoy . . . your opponent, effectively making her DEF 16 in melee. The Stinger brings a spray to the table that can down several of your opponent’s models in one activation! The Warbeast Handlers Commander Upgrade card makes using these beasts easier and more reliable. Every HORDES Faction Commander is automatically a Beast Warden, and a Beast Warden can control up to two lesser warbeasts. Taking this Commander Upgrade allows you to have a backup Beast Warden or begin the game with the beasts split between two controllers. The upgrade also gives both Beast Wardens the Medicate rule so they can heal the beasts, as well as the ability to use any Command card to reroll a roll related to a beast.

Fyanna herself, much like Craelix, can truly bring the hurt to your opponent’s army. With a 4˝ melee range and three powerful attack types to choose from, her diversity is the key to her success. Throwing enemy models into each other with Pitch is one of the most satisfying things to do with Fyanna!