Insider 10-25-2017

Today is the long-awaited day: Company of Iron is on store shelves everywhere!

We’ve been thoroughly enjoying playing it in the office, as you can see from the videos we’ve been posting over the last few weeks, and now you can get in on the fun with your friends.

For anyone out there who is unsure what all of the hubbub is about, here’s a quick rundown. Company of Iron is a brand-new way to experience conflict in the Iron Kingdoms using many of the existing models in WARMACHINE and HORDES. It plays in a smaller amount of space with smaller armies, using primarily units and solos. Narrative scenarios and individual model activations that alternate between the players make each game engaging and exciting.

If you are a new player coming into the Iron Kingdoms for the first time, the Company of Iron boxed set is a great place to start. It contains two complete armies plus all of the rules, cards, and tokens you’ll need to play.

If you are already embroiled in the wars of western Immoren, then you can easily jump into the action of Company of Iron with your existing miniatures collection. All you need is a copy of the rules, available as a download, and the decks of Command and Commander Upgrade cards. You can purchase the cards from our online store, and we’ll throw in a free hard copy of the rulebooks, or you can order a deck through DriveThruRPG.

When building an army, you’ll need to reference the Requisition Cost list. This document will be updated frequently as new models are released, and any new rules documents associated with Company of Iron will be found at

If you use War Room, you’ll see we’re updating it to feature new Company of Iron deck upgrades, to include fully compatible Company of Iron army building, and to revise rules where changes were necessary between standard WARMACHINE & HORDES rules and Company of Iron. We still have a few upgrades to go, but we're almost there! You can now switch modes between it and WARMACHINE/HORDES. While in Company of Iron mode, you have access to Commander Upgrades, Requisition Costs, and other features unique to the new game.

And this is not all the Company of Iron you can look forward to. Each issue of No Quarter Prime has extra content for the game, including new scenarios and rules that add even more models to those available for your armies. You can get No Quarter Prime from our online store as well.

So, today’s the day to join the fray: grab your minis and enlist for war with Company of Iron!