Insider 10-23-2017

Welcome to your next helping of awesome! Company of Iron is just around the corner, and I had a really hard time picking which lists to do for these last Insiders. With the new Ryssovass models out, I just couldn’t resist the call of the Retribution! We have two more lists for you, and both play quite differently. Our first list follows the Dawnguard to battle with a full unit of Invictors. With guns (and gunblades!) in hand, these durable troops fight well both at range and in melee. The second list focuses on the Nyss who have joined the Retribution. With cloak and claymore, these few remaining Nyss fight for their survival and for vengeance upon the dragon Everblight!

Retribution – Blades of Ellyos (20 pts)

The Blades of Ellyos have stood as defenders of the Gate of Mists for centuries. Though their membership changes with each generation, the group retains the name of their original commander, Scyir Ellyos Ayren, one of the first to master the Invictor martial discipline. The invasion of the skorne sent shockwaves through all of Ios, but as oathbound defenders of her borders, the Blades of Ellyos saw the invasion as a great affront to their honor and a stain of failure upon them alone. Since then, they have sworn vows of vengeance and will not rest until all of Ios is once again free and Ellyos’ honor is reclaimed.

Dawnguard Invictor Officer - Mission Specialist

Dawnguard Invictors [Unit of 10] – 16 pts
Dawnguard Invictor Officer & Standard [Unit Attachment] – 4 pts

Hand Size = 3

A rather simple list, containing only a unit of Invictors and their command attachment, the Blades of Ellyos packs a surprising amount of versatility. With the Officer’s Extended Fire rule giving the unit Snipe for a single turn, they can usually begin the firefight on the first turn of the game if their opponent is not careful. His granted ability, Combined Arms, allows them to reroll failed attack rolls when benefiting from Combined Ranged Attack, creating a deadly accurate shooting force. Should your opponent make it into melee, the Invictors are still sporting a strong MAT of 7 and a reasonable P+S of 11. While this army is not particularly fast, it can apply a significant degree of ranged pressure, and with Wall of Steel it can withstand a lot of pressure from your opponent.

Retribution – Nyssor’s Absolution (25 pts)

Having made their way to Ios to protect their frozen god, the band of Ryssovass known as Nyssor’s Absolution now fights for their new allies in the Retribution. Their leader is Aelyth Vyr, a swordsman who has few equals. Having sworn oaths of vengeance against Everblight, Nyssor’s Absolution has vowed never to lay down their swords until they have expunged the stain of the blight from their people forever by blade and blood.

Aelyth Vyr, Blade of Nyssor - Frontline Officer

Ryssovass Defenders [Unit of 10] – 16 pts
Aelyth Vyr, Blade of Nyssor [Solo] –5 pts
Priest of Nyssor [Solo] – 4 pts

Hand Size = 5

In this streamlined and focused list, the Ryssovass are a relentless foe. With Defensive Line and Tough, this unit is incredibly difficult to remove in Company of Iron. The reroll from Tough and the no-knockdown from Defensive Line combine to make each casualty roll much less scary. With some powerful offensive stats—base MAT 7 and P+S 10 with Weapon Master—these defenders can also put the hurt on opposing infantry or warjacks/warbeasts.

Aelyth Vyr is a legend in a list like this: MAT 8 and P+S 12, with the Cleave special rule allowing him multiple attacks per turn, makes him a formidable foe. Should he fall in battle, he will always get the Last Word. This rule allows him to advance 3˝ and make a basic melee attack before perishing, possibly taking a high-value target with him.

The Priest of Nyssor is an excellent utility piece who is no slouch in combat. His blessings can give all Nyss models +1 to attack rolls, helping assure your attacks land when you need them to. The priest can also back up your troops with a spray attack or help remove the mobility of your opponent by summoning a Winter Storm to impede their sight and movement.

These two lists barely scratch the surface of the cool thematic options available when playing Retribution. Their combined arms units make some of the most fun and interesting Company of Iron lists I’ve had the pleasure of working on. The next list I’m excited to see on the table are the Mage Hunters, and I can’t wait to hear all of your stories about hunting down the round-ears!