Insider 10-20-2017


Today, we are pleased to announce a new production label for Privateer Press hobby models: Black Anchor Heavy Industries. It’s a mouthful to say, but it’s the name we’ve given to Privateer’s new line of large-scale, direct-order-only models. And it’s a name you’re going to want to know if you have your sights set on catching one of those formidable Dracodiles.

For those of you who haven’t traveled the Iron Kingdoms extensively, Black Anchor Heavy Industries is a manufacturing consortium based out of Clockers Cove that specializes in the engineering and fabrication of large industrial equipment, vehicles, and weapons—most notably, the Galleon colossal. When we started brainstorming names for our new production label, we turned to the world of WARMACHINE and HORDES for inspiration, and Black Anchor Heavy Industries summed up the feeling we want to convey in the name: big stuff, industrially produced, and with a sturdy nod to the maritime (or piratical) theme of our primary identity.

It’s no secret that we like to make big models. WARMACHINE and HORDES are games about massive robots and humongous monsters, and we’re constantly trying to push the envelope on size and scale with models like our battle engines, colossals, gargantuans, and even some upcoming structures. We like to call these “centerpiece” models because of the presence they have on the tabletop and within your army. But our vision for these centerpiece models doesn’t always conform to traditional practical means of manufacturing and distribution. And so, we have created Black Anchor Heavy Industries (BAHI) as a new label to identify models offered exclusively through the Privateer Press Online Store and at select convention events where we have a retail presence.

Most BAHI models will be large resin pieces. By offering them exclusively through our online store, we will be able to control costs and production numbers to keep them economical to produce and deliver to WARMACHINE and HORDES players. Each new BAHI model will be made available to preorder in limited quantity approximately 4–8 weeks before they ship, and most BAHI models will ship for free. Best of all, anyone preordering before the cutoff date will get a sweet piece of Black Anchor Heavy Industries swag along with their model when it arrives. After the preorder window closes, BAHI models will be available as normal items through the Privateer Press Online Store, so if you don’t preorder before the cutoff, you’ll still be able to get the model whenever you’re ready.

The first offering from Black Anchor Heavy Industries is the long-awaited, much-demanded Dracodile gargantuan. The Dracodile has only recently completed testing in CID, and don’t forget it not only works in a gatormen army but also in a Skorne one. (Desert-Themed Dracodile, anyone?) As of today, the Dracodile is available for preorder HERE, and anyone preordering by the December 1st cutoff date will receive an exclusive Black Anchor Heavy Industries T-shirt. Preorders will ship by December 15th, just in time to put under the Christmas tree, if you’re thinking of the ultimate gift for your favorite Blindwater or Skorne player (or maybe for yourself)! Unfortunately, preorders will be limited to the first 1,000 orders in order for us to guarantee holiday delivery, so don’t delay if you want yours sooner rather than later. But the Dracodile will be available through the Privateer Press Online Store as a normal item after December 15th, so don’t despair if you miss the window.

Want to check out the final rules for the Dracodile before you preorder? Of course you do! You can find them recently uploaded to the Online Card Database HERE!

Next on deck for Black Anchor Heavy Industries will be the Northkin Hooch Hauler, which is scheduled to deliver in January, and after that will be Skarre 3 and her incredible Ghost Ship. So, stay tuned for more news on Black Anchor Heavy Industries and subscribe to our newsletter via the menu to the left so that you don’t miss any of our exciting upcoming announcements!

And if you find a Dracodile under your Christmas tree in a couple months, watch your fingers—they’re going to arrive hungry!