Insider 10-16-2017

In this series of Insiders, we’ll take a Faction and then present two Company of Iron lists and an overview of how they operate. Twice each week, we’ll take a look at a different Faction and feature a 20-point and 25-point list. This edition: Cryx.

Cryx – The Blackheart’s Scourge

Satyxis Raider Captain – Mission Specialist

Satyxis Raiders [Unit of 10] - 16pts
Satyxis Raider Captain [Solo] - 4pts

Hand Size = 2

The crew of the Blackheart is a cruel gang of Satyxis raiders led by Captain Zhora Saltblood. This band of seafaring marauders takes pleasure in plundering naval vessels from the mainland, chaining the defeated crews to the deck, and sinking their doomed vessels to the bottom of the Meredius. Those Satyxis who make up Captain Zhora’s personal guard, known as the Blackheart’s Scourge, are chosen for both their incredible martial skills and their sheer ruthlessness. Membership in the group is highly prized, as it ensures the greatest share of loot along with vaulted status among the rest of the Blackheart’s crew.

A completely different style of list from what I’ve talked about in previous Insiders, this is a scenario blitz force. It’s very fast and very hard to kill, thanks to its naturally high defense. With Gang and a 2˝ melee range, these Satyxis can really bring the pain to an enemy force. Multiple initial melee attacks is always strong in Company of Iron as any model that passes its Casualty Roll can easily be attacked again. With the Mission Specialist commander card, your Satyxis can complete your objectives while also fighting back the enemy force. The Raider Captain brings a ranged attack with a respectable RAT, RNG, and POW. Her special rules include No Sleeping on the Job, which is incredibly powerful in Company of Iron, allowing you to essentially ignore the knocked down result of casualty rolls.

Cryx – The Body Snatchers

Necrosurgeon – Mission Specialist

Pistol Wraith [Solo] - 5pts
Hellslinger Phantom [Solo] - 7pts
Mechanithralls [Unit of 10] - 9pts
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls [Unit] - 4pts

Hand Size: 4

Cryx’s entire war effort depends on the steady collection of raw materials to fuel its hidden necrofactoriums. For thrall production, these materials are the bodies of the dead and dying left over from the carnage of battle. The Body Snatchers, led by the Necrosurgeon Urthas, are one team among many tasked with this vital duty. Such work is not without grave risk, and Urthas has secured a pair of powerful pistol wraiths to watch over her amid the charnel fields from which she plucks the best spoils.

Incorporeal is not as strong as it is in WARMACHINE or HORDES, but it is still quite potent. It penalizes enemy models 1 damage die if they do not have a magical weapon. The Hellslinger Phantom and the Pistol Wraith can wreak havoc from range with their high-accuracy, high-power shots. After collecting a few souls, they should have little problem devastating the opposing commander, warjacks, or warbeasts.

With a full unit of Mechanithralls running interference for the wraiths, it should be hard for your opponents to focus their efforts on them. As your thralls die, the Necrosurgeon gets to work! Remember, returning models to play functions differently in Company of Iron; for each model that would be put into play, you may draw a card and then discard a card, ensuring that you’ll have the right effects for when you need them!

These two armies are quite different from the ones I talked about previously. Presenting a more scenario-focused approach with The Blackheart’s Scourge and a more “super solo” approach with The Body Snatchers gives you and idea of how many different strategies there can be in Company of Iron.