Insider 10-14-2011

Week 6 Journeyman
The Privateer Press Staff Journeyman League is over! While I only succeeded in earning my thirty-point rank chevrons it was a great experience. Speaking for myself, one of the best parts was getting to play games with some of our new employees who I had not previously had the chance to meet. Thinking back to my days as a Press Ganger, I’ve realized that my favorite part of wargaming is the community. But enough of my talk, let’s get to the results and ask some other staffers about their experiences!

Cody Ellis (Journeyman & Destroyer): Everblight commanded victory from his chosen. You do not disappoint Everblight! So I started this league to have some fun, but after I realized I was towards the top of the pack I decided to really put some energy into things in the hope of winning it all. I was genuinely worried when I saw how many points Will Shick and Chris Walton were accumulating from painting alone. Luckily my large number of games from early in the league put me over the top. So let it be known, even a loss can end up giving you the win!

In the end I got to play a lot of games with Lylyth and Kallus and ended up with almost all of my Legion models painted. I don't know what it is about Legion, but they're so much fun to play. However, after months of playing them, I think it's time to give my original faction some love again. I look forward to building an Ossyan force and getting to run it through its paces like I did with Legion this past month and a half.

But don't worry, Everblight, I'm really just an inside man for you.

Will Shick (Creator): Well six weeks of breakneck painting and I walk away with the Creator award as well as a full set of Steelhead chevrons! But, in all honesty, the biggest reward is having 150 points of painted Circle Orboros to be able to choose from when throwing down against other staffers. With so much momentum coming from the Journeyman League, I'm planning on forging ahead until I have my Circle army on par with my Legion army in terms of painted model choices. And with all the cool Domination releases just around the corner, it couldn't have come at a better time! Tharn character Warpwolf? Yes, please!

Chris Walton: I’ve been painting like a mad man, and I am closing in on 95 points of fully painted minis for the league. I also managed to get in a few more last-minute games against Stuart Spengler, Rob Hawkins, and Jen Ikuta. Victory against Jen’s Gatormen has eluded me thus far, but I have confidence that if I keep at it, I will be wearing new gatorskin boots eventually! The finish line is in sight, and I just need to keep my nose the grindstone. Only a few more models to paint, and I’ll have a 100-point army to be proud of!

Phil Chinzi: Playing in the Journeyman League was a great experience. Previously, I had always just jumped into a list at the 25-point tier. Building an army from the ground up gave me a much better understanding of the many intricacies of WARMACHINE and HORDES. It allowed me to really pay attention to how my models were contributing to the force. The Journeyman League was also a great opportunity to learn more about what play style I prefer. Seeing my Epic Irusk attrition list plod slowly up the field made me appreciate Kromac's beast-flinging, axe-swinging madness even more.

Ben Misenar: Although I did not fully paint my 50-point army, I did make some decent progress. I've only played a handful of WARMACHINE games prior to the league and it was a good way to get into a low-pressure tournament environment and get some pointers from veteran players. Now that we are wrapped up, I am very inspired to finish painting my army and continue refining my build so that I'm prepared to throw down in the future.

Oren Ashkenazi: The Journeyman League here at Privateer Press was a magnificent chance for me to fight many glorious battles for Mother Khador. Or, more accurately, lose many glorious battles for Mother Khador. Pirates, Dwarves, Skorne, Legion, I gallantly lost to them all. Personally, I blame Sorscha. She refused to fight up to her potential once I painted a unit of Greylords instead of her.

Jason Martin: The Journeyman League is officially over, and I must admit I did not play as many games or paint as many miniatures as I wanted. I did, however, have a great time learning to play with the Pirates of the Broken Coast and painting the few figures I did complete. It is all about order of operations when playing Pirates, and I know the more I play them the easier it will be. I dream of having an Unbound game with Shae, Bart, and Fiona leading the way and waves of Sea Dogs storming the beach. Someday…

Stuart Spengler: Now that the Journeyman League is over, I have a new army and I got in a few games; so all in all, a good time. I didn't get in quite as many games as I would have liked due to schedules and whatnot, but I can't complain too much. I guess the only complaint I have is now I have Skorne competing for attention with Khador and Cryx.

Matt Warren: Now that the league is over, I wish I had spent more time painting. My schedule didn't allow much game time, and seeing that lunchtime games became rarer as the games became longer, I wasn’t able to get in a single game for the last two weeks! Overall, though, I had a lot of fun with the Journeyman League, and it netted me a fully painted battlegroup and let me explore my new paint scheme!

Jen Ikuta: The Blindwater Congregation proved to be as much fun as I hoped they would be. Between gator-throwing shenanigans to nigh-invincible Gatorman Posse (thanks to Maelok the Dreadbound), my Journeyman army was a blast to play and very entertaining to paint. It's tough to pick out my favorite moments from the league, but there are two that stick with me: 1) My first game with Barnabas against Phil and his Khador. Barnabas was able to get in for the kill on Sorscha; 2) My first game against Walton, when Barnabas was able to withstand a beating by a Griffon, Manticore, and Kaelyssa before ending the Retribution warcaster with Bone Cleaver.

The gators won me over, and putting them through their paces during our staff league has me even more excited for the models coming out in HORDES: Domination!

That’s a wrap for our Journeyman League! We’re already talking about setting up some tournaments using our new 35-point armies and maybe even another Journeyman League down the road. We hope you’re all having as much fun with your own leagues as we did, and we would love to hear about your experiences and see some photos of your leagues in action on our forums, Facebook, and Twitter!