Insider 10-11-2011

Those who play WARMACHINE and HORDES often fall into a two major camps, generally speaking: those who play for the sake of the game and those who play for the sake of the hobby. That’s not to say there isn’t some blurring of the lines, and I know for a fact that many folks enjoy both. Personally, I fall squarely in the former. I love playing WARMACHINE and HORDES, but frankly, assembling and painting models scares the crap out of me.

Despite my desperate fear of paint and glue, I’ve decided that running an army of “mecha-gators” is unacceptable for the editor-in-chief of No Quarter Magazine. Like any reasonable person suffering from unreasonable fears, I’ve sought out a skilled professional to help assuage my terror of painting the little metal mans. That professional is none other than our new studio painter, the talented, maroon-haired Meg Maples.

Moved by pity for my poor, paintless gators, Meg took me under her wing a few First Fridays ago and showed me a quick and dirty way to paint up my army. I watched enthralled as she took a Blackhide Wrastler from primed to table-ready in under two hours using very simple techniques and a limited color palette. At the end of it all, I had filled three pages of notes and was suddenly struck with a shocking realization: nothing Meg had done was outside my skill set. Sure, I could never equal her precision or speed, but the techniques were not beyond my incredibly limited understanding of color, shading, and highlighting. “Holy crap,” I thought. “I can actually do this.”

So, with Meg’s tutelage in the fore of my mind, I’ve set out to paint a 25-point Blindwater Congregation army. This will be my first go at painting an entire army—or anything, really—and I’ll post my progress in later blogs. My hope is that my example might inspire some of my fellow newbies to try their hand with paint and brush. Additionally, I hope some of you veteran painters will follow Meg’s example and be the Yoda to some poor paint-smeared Luke Skywalker.

Wish me luck, and say goodbye to the mecha-gators.