Insider 10-10-2011

I spent most of week five converting my Widowmakers and Man-O-War Kovniks. I removed the rifle stands from the Widowmakers and turned the heads of the leader and trooper #2 so they would all be looking in the direction of their rifles. It required a minor amount of sculpting for the repositioning and to repair the parts where the stands were clipped away. For my Kovniks, I wanted two distinct poses, so I reposed one in the middle of an axe swing, and the other holding his axe cannon at port arms, ready to fire. The amount of clipping and pinning required was maddening!

I was only able to get one game in, and then I spent week six finishing off my new models. I completed the league with 32 Journeyman points, which was enough to achieve rank four. Other participants like Will Shick, Chris Walton, and Cody were well in the lead for hobby points and game points, so I realized early on that I probably wouldn’t win the Destroyer, Creator, or Journeyman awards. Nevertheless, the league was a great motivator to build up my Khadoran force. I never get as much painting finished as when I’m participating in a league, campaign, or preparing for a tournament.