Insider 10-09-2017

Ah, Halloween! That delightful holiday where we dress ourselves and our children in costumes, go visit strangers, and demand they give us candy. I love this holiday, and I love to celebrate it.

Luckily, the celebration doesn’t have to be confined to just Halloween day. This month’s Organized Play event is The Longest Night 2017, which can be run anytime your local gaming store sees fit. This single-day casual event is all about candy, costumes, and carnage. Participants can also earn themselves a sweet Pumpkin patch (see what we did there) based on the Grymkin dread rot head as a prize. Check it out!

Longest Night features custom scenarios and rules and even encourages players to bring candy and show up in costume. You can find all the rules for Longest Night here.

Speaking of costumes, that’s what I really wanted to write this Insider about. Over the years, we’ve seen some fantastic WARMACHINE & HORDES costumes and cosplay. I’m talking some truly amazing stuff. Check out some of these photos from conventions in the past that showcase just how creative our community can get!

We’re interested in seeing what Iron Kingdoms costumes you come up with this year! If your local store is hosting a Longest Night with a costume contest, or if you’re just dressing up as your favorite IK character for Halloween, hit us up on social media using the hashtag #LongestNight with pictures of you in costume.

Show us what you’ve got!