Insider 10-06-2017

In today’s Insider, I’m covering the fairly quick process that was the creation of Colonel Marcus Siege Brisbane’s illustration that appears on the cover for No Quarter Prime #1. Like every other illustration or concept, we first start with a description.

Dimensions: 8.5” x 11” w/.25" bleed @ 400 DPI CMYK
Description: In this image, the new Colonel Brisbane is leading the charge through the blasted ruins of a Cygnaran town. Evidence of defeated Khadorans may litter the ground (corpses, dropped weapons and equipment, wrecked warjacks, etc.)

In this image, include the following subjects, which will all be cropped from this image for use on their stat cards:

  • Colonel Markus “Siege” Brisbane — Use the model pose. Include his turret, deployed in the foreground and firing away.
  • Trencher Mechaniks — Follow behind him.
  • Brisbane is accompanied by a Defender, a Minuteman, and a Hurricane (background).

From this description and the provided reference, Andrea Uderzo worked up two separate sketches.

The second sketch was the one that was chosen to proceed to final. From this point, Andrea refined the line art and sent it to me for one last check before he started blocking in gray scale and then color.

Finally, Andrea provided me with color options. The second of the three was the clear winner.

Finally, we see the art with the cover treatment.

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