Insider 1-6-2012

A lot of folks take the dawn of a new year as an opportune time to look back and to look forward. As a member of development at Privateer Press, the past, present, and future of WARMACHINE and HORDES are a bit muddier than they are for the typical WARMACHINE and HORDES player.

Looking back at the model releases of 2011 really means looking back at models we started playtesting at various times over the last three years, and looking at the upcoming development work for 2012 includes products that will hit your local game store shelves anywhere from 2013 through 2016. It takes some real mental gymnastics at times to sort out the past, present, and future into a sensible timeline.

But game development jetlag aside, when I take a look back at the recent releases of WARMACHINE and HORDES, it’s hard not to talk about the battle engines. These models introduced their own set of challenges during development and playtesting, but I’m really happy with how they turned out and how they’ve been received by the community. One of my personal favorite elements of WARMACHINE and HORDES from the very beginning has always been that journey of discovery. Whether we’re talking about new warcasters, new model types, or whole new factions, there’s always more to learn and master. The battle engines are no exception, and I feel confident saying that players are still learning where these models best fit into army lists, how to best combat them, and how to use them most effectively.

Looking forward, I’m really excited about the 2012 WARMACHINE and HORDES releases. There are plenty of models still shrouded in mystery, but one aspect of the 2012 releases that’s already been announced is the introduction of the third iterations of some of our favorite warcasters and warlocks. Some of these characters have come a long way since they first appeared in black and white, and their current epic incarnations represent their own look back and forward. 2012 is sure to show some evolution in their motivations and agendas along with substantial changes to how these unique personalities take part in combat on the tabletop.

Reflection is an important part of New Year’s traditions, but I couldn’t wrap up a “welcome to 2012” blog without talking about New Year’s resolutions at least a little. The last year was a busy one for Privateer Press development, but 2012 promises to be even busier still. The role-playing game release schedule promises a tropical storm of aggressive deadlines as far as the eye can see, and we’re nowhere near done introducing new WARMACHINE and HORDES models as well as whole new games for you to sink your teeth into. The best New Year’s resolution we can make as the development team is to maintain our current pace of development to ensure that 2013 (and 2014 and 2015) are as packed with exciting new releases as 2012.