Insider 1-30-2012

It seems like many members of our community feel that the Cygnar Storm Strider is one of the coolest models we’ve ever produced, and I’m inclined to agree. But what’s even more amazing than this kit is the length to which some of our dedicated hobbyists have gone to modify their own Storm Striders!

For example, Dirk Braak took the time and effort to install blue LEDs within the Storm Strider’s internal mechanisms and even into the voltaic coils mounted on its top frame!

Another astounding effort came from Michael Pokorny who went so far as to replace the central core of the model with an actual, functioning plasma ball!


Michael was kind enough to document the whole project as a tutorial for anyone else crazy and ambitious enough to want to ride the lightning!

If you’ve got an insanely awesome Privateer Press model conversion of your own, we’d love to see it posted in our Miniatures Painting and Modeling Forum!