Insider 1-27-2012

For those of you who are regular readers of the Insider, you may not recognize my name. I’m Bill French, and I am the retailer development and support rep. But I’m not here to talk to you about who’s doing what at PP. I’m here to show you cool stuff! Which, when we get to the bottom of it, is why we’re all on this website in the first place.

At the beginning of this week, my boss, marketing manager Lyle Lowery, came to my desk and said, “Do you have any ideas for your Insider blog?” I looked at my recently base-coated Molik Karn and the little cartoon light bulb appeared over my head. Today, I’m going to show you how to turn everyone’s favorite traitorous son of Cygnar, Asheth Magnus, into a master of the mighty Skorne Empire.

For the most part this conversion will be reasonably easy. There will be one or two more advanced steps, but for those we’ll go to the experts for some help. Let’s start with part selection.

  • Magnus the Warlord body
  • Magnus the Warlord sword arm
  • Magnus the Warlord right arm
  • Lord Assassin Morghoul base
  • Nihilator leaning left sword
  • Praetorians praetor shoulder
  • Venator Reiver Officer head
  • Molik Karn banner
  • I won’t be taking you through the conversion step by step, but there are a few areas I want to touch on because they can present some unique challenges.


    First up, we have the problem of Magnus’ feet. As cool as the Lord Assassin Morghoul base is, it doesn’t quite fit with Magnus’ body while he has the base tabs attached to his feet. You’ll want to take your hobby clippers and snip those off.

    Once you’ve removed the base tabs and attached the Morghoul base to the 30 mm base, you’ll want to dry fit Magnus. I found that bending his feet just a little with some needle nose pliers helps them lay flat. You want to be sure not to remove any of the detail when you do this.

    This is the hardest part of this conversion. We want to remove Magnus’ head and replace it with the Venator Reiver Officer head. You can go about this a number of ways, but I asked some of our hobbyists upstairs for advice.

    They suggested using a rotary tool and grinding the old head away. If you’ve never used a rotary tool before, this process can take a little while, so just be patient.

    Once you’ve removed Magnus’ head, you don’t want to just glue the Officer Head in place (I learned that during the beta version of this conversion.) You’ll want to pin the new head into the old body, creating something of an artificial neck for the mini.

    This one won’t be too difficult, but keep in mind you want to clip Foecleaver X at the top of the hilt so that none of the hilt remains intact once you remove the blade and the crossguard.

    The reverse is true for the Nihilator’s sword. Be sure to remove all traces of the hilt from below the crossguard. You may want to file away any excess.

    Once this is done, it’s a simple matter of pinning the hilt of Magnus’ arm to the crossguard of the Nihilator’s sword.

    And there you have it: a version of Magnus that even the haughty skorne would be proud to follow into battle!