Insider 1-23-2012

One of my favorite articles to design in No Quarter Magazine is the Armory. Making the images for the templates is always a fun challenge. However, not all the factions have been represented yet, including my current project army, Minions. So I decided to get to work and make my own template for the gator army I’ve been working on.

Ta-da! With just a few minutes and a couple photos of plants and water, we have a nice little Swamp Pit for Barnabas to play in. If you want your own, feel free to download it here. To increase their longevity, I’ve covered the templates with clear contact paper, which you can get for a few bucks at most craft stores (laminating them also works).

These templates are cheap, quick, easy to make, and easy to store—perfect for gators on the go. Feel free to print this or any of the No Quarter templates and give them a similar treatment for your own army.