Insider 1-18-2012

As I have mentioned in previous Insiders, I love playing WARMACHINE and HORDES. Like many of you, I also love discussing, debating, thinking about, and most recently writing about WARMACHINE and HORDES. I consider myself very lucky that I have been allowed to write various articles for No Quarter Magazine in addition to my Quartermaster job duties.

The upcoming No Quarter #40 presented me with an awesome opportunity to play a game of HORDES and write about it.

In No Quarter #40, Chris Walton and I went head-to-head in the Stone and Scale battle report. Our Hobby Manager Assistant Leo Carson-DePasquale created a fantastic new terrain piece for Chris and I to battle over. I won’t spoil the end result for you, but I will say it was a bloody, brutal game that was a blast to play.

I love writing battle reports like these. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!