Insider 1-16-2012

There are a lot of fun and amazing things going on at Privateer Press HQ at any given time. One of the most challenging aspects of working here is keeping quiet about projects you’re pretty certain the community will appreciate.

Now I can finally let the cat out of the bag. Well, about one project. (Ed, put down the axe. Put. It. Down. No, I wasn’t going to tell them about [redacted] or [redacted]. Honest!)

Since the threat of decapitation and/or dismemberment has passed (the penalty for leaking information around here), I can share details about “War-Torn Alliances” – a name that has been mentioned for a few months. What is it? It’s our 2012 league!

Many projects at PPHQ begin life with meetings, and War-Torn Alliances was no different. After accepting the position as organized play coordinator, one of my first tasks was to have a meeting about our plans for organized play in 2012. We came up with a direction for this year’s league season and several other exciting projects for 2012. Then it was time to schedule meetings with all those involved with making the league into a thing.

There was a meeting with the writers to determine the setting and geography, discussion of storyline and which factions would figure prominently in the fiction. There were meetings with development manager David “DC” Carl regarding scenarios, rules, league models, new features, etc., and meetings with the art department about what the league kit would look like. You can see the core kit for season 1 below.

As miraculous as it is to see a model go from a list of rules to concept art to something you’re assembling, painting, and putting on the table, project management has its fair share of shining moments. It isn’t something I thought would be exciting – but it is. Watching the War-Torn Alliances logo evolve was amazingly cool. In the span of a few hours, graphic designer Laine Garrett took it from a rough sketch to the beautifully rendered version that adorns our league posters. Holding the league medals and patches after they arrived from our vendor was another high point because these were items that were going to be in the hands of you, our player community.

Then there were the league models crafted by DC. Season models have been one of my favorite parts of league play, and I’m happy they’re returning in 2012 with a twist. Without stealing the thunder from No Quarter Magazine #40, here are some league models I painted up and converted. Let’s see if you can figure out the “twist” by looking at them.

Frostwind Lord and Vanguard

Blighted Nyss Strider Kill Team

Troll Whelp Scrappers

OK, the most obvious “twist” is probably the Troll Whelp Scrappers. But why in Urcaen would Trollbloods work with Khadorans? The Blighted Nyss Strider Kill Team is based on the Strider Musician and Officer, but who would the Nyss want to work with – and why? Finally, the Frostwind Lord looks like the Koldun Lord, but what’s his gig? Clearly, the Vanguard is just there for show.

That’s about all I can share about the War-Torn Alliances: Gnarls models before Aeryn puts his sword-fighting skills to use on my person. Make sure to pick up No Quarter Magazine #40, where you’ll find an introduction to War-Torn Alliances, league models and a cool new feature called upgrades. Speaking of Aeryn, keep an eye out for the first installment of 2012 league fiction. Some of the models showcased here are part of his story.