Insider 1-13-2012

The Cryx Scrap Thralls are some of my favorite models. I’ve been buying or trading to get them since they were first released. At this point, I have somewhere between twenty and twenty-five. My favorite thing about them is that they are built out of whatever the Necrotechs find laying around the battlefield, so no conversion is out of place. My goal is to do some sort of simple conversion for each of them. Here’s the latest batch I’ve finished painting.

I like to find easily recognizable bits from other factions that also don’t require a lot of work to put on my thralls. Both arms from the male Manhunter work well for these sorts of conversions.

Few things are as easily recognizable as Stormsmith technology. This guy is going onto the table every time my Cryx forces face a Cygnar army.

I don’t only do conversions with easily spotted parts. Some of them are more about being subtle or doing something that makes me laugh. For example, I knew using a Soulhunter front leg as an arm on a Thrall would put the model in both categories.

For the big finale, here’s the most complicated of this set. Sometimes the parts just call to me, and I end up doing more than just gluing on an easy bit. This idea started as just a weapon swap. The more I looked at the parts for the classic Kommandant Irusk the more ambitious I became. It took a bit of hacking, but it came out exactly how I was imagining it.