Insider 1-03-2011

Welcome to Battle Engine Week!

Today is a big day for Privateer Press, and I mean “big” quite literally! Today, we pull back the curtain on the formidable Khador Gun Carriage (whose art was previewed in the latest GTM), the first of an all-new model type for WARMACHINE and HORDES: the mighty battle engine.

Battle engines add a whole new dimension to the tabletop, and the scope of their impact has been felt around the office for many, many months. Every department has worked tirelessly to bring these mammoths of the battlefield to life in every way.

Not only are these the largest models ever produced by Privateer Press (just take a look at the picture below!), they are also the first resin models that will be available through regular distribution. The new material provides a lot of exciting potential for Privateer Press, as well as posing unique challenges we had to overcome in order to make battle engines a reality. I’ll let our studio head Ron Kruzie talk more about that in the next few days.

As you can likely tell from the images of the Gun Carriage, battle engines are just too big to confine to a single day, so we are giving them an entire week of exclusive insider content. That’s right; over the course of the week you are going to get a true insider look at the overall production of battle engines and how each department tackled these awesome new models. As if that weren't enough to chew on, we are also previewing the concept art for each of the remaining four battle engines with a new one at the end of each insider.

So be sure to check back regularly as we usher in the next BIG thing for WARMACHINE and HORDES!