Insider 09-29-2017

The THEMEPOCALYPSE is here! Below you will find links to all sorts of goodies, including a new comprehensive theme force document combining all existing themes (with updated rules) and a whole slew of brand-new theme forces, a couple of dynamic updates on models we wanted to push out the door, and an addition to the Core Rules that will help streamline how theme forces are written and make things a little more intuitive for players.

September 2017 Updated Theme Forces
Core Rules Errata
Card Database
Card Version List

One big change is that all existing theme forces have been updated to allow some form of Mercenary or Minion options. Read these new rules carefully, though, because not all of the themes have the same restrictions for what can be taken. Some existing themes also saw changes to their available models and some of their benefits. I will not list every single adjustment here, but I will touch on a few themes that had some major changes occur in them:

Heavy Metal [Cygnar] : Heavy Metal picked up a few new models for inclusion as well as a change to its benefits. You no longer receive free models for every 25 points of warjacks taken—it’s now every 30 points. We felt the options available to this list were a bit on the extreme side, so reigning it in a little bit should create a more balanced gaming experience.

Sons of the Tempest [Cygnar] : For those of you that participated in the Christmas CID, this will be familiar. For those of you that did not, Sons of the Tempest has undergone quite the overhaul here. With all of its previously existing benefits changing, we’re sure it will be a more attractive option.

Guardians of the Temple [Protectorate of Menoth] : We saw a lot of discussion about the benefits in Guardians of the Temple and agreed with the community that Girded on the allowed warjacks was not the most helpful benefit. Giving Temple Flameguard Tough as well as immunity to knockdown while B2B should help the list function more cohesively and in the way we would like to see it played.

Hammer Strike [Mercenaries] : Hammer Strike acquired an additional benefit: Warrior models gain Tough. We hope this will open up some additional list-building options for this theme force by incentivizing players to bring additional units.

Band of Heroes [Trollbloods] : With Band of Heroes, we opened up the free point options within the theme. This allows for a much more varied list style and should help the player take a variety of options when building Band of Heroes lists. We also added the Runebearer—hooray!

Power of Dhunia [Trollbloods] : This is already a very popular theme force, but we wanted to continue to open up options within the Faction. Allowing Mulg as a standard choice will make Power of Dhunia even more attractive, as will changing the benefit that increased the Threshold of warbeasts to a more consistently useful benefit. Serenity on the Dhunian Knot will solidify this as the premier warbeast-based list for Trollbloods.

Bones of Orboros [Circle of Orboros] : As discussed during the Christmas CID cycle, Megalith has been added to the Bones of Orboros theme force.

Oracles of Annihilation [Legion of Everblight] : Oracles is another theme force that became very efficient with the support it could bring by simply maxing out on warbeasts. By changing the trigger to receive free models from 25 to 30 points, we hope to create a little more diversity in how the list is built while also slightly reducing its power level.

Thornfall Alliance [Minions] : Opening up the options available to this theme force should really help its viability and make it a much more interesting choice. Enjoy!

Ravens of War [Legion of Everblight] and Jaws of the Wolf [Khador] : In these two themes, we removed the benefit that stripped Advance Deployment from opponents and replaced it with a benefit that takes away Ambush. While on some models Advance Deployment is simply an added benefit, other models are designed around being able to advance deploy, and these theme forces disproportionately affected those models, making them difficult to use. While this change is certainly a downward shift in power level for these themes, we do expect to see more Ambush options in games given the theme force benefits and how strong the rule is in SR2017.
Remember, this is not an exhaustive list. There are many more changes to legacy theme forces than those I have mentioned here, so please peruse the documents and War Room 2 at your leisure and take it all in!

*NOTE* We are aware of two major bugs in War Room at the moment:

• There is a problem with the Faithful Masses [Protectorate of Menoth] theme force, where units with an attached attendant priest are not counting towards free points.

• Currently, Wrongeye can add infinite free Snapjaws to his battlegroup.
We are working on a fix for these and hope to have them resolved soon.