Insider 09-27-2017

There are many reasons to be excited for the release of No Quarter Prime #1, but one of my personal favorites is the Strangelight RPG adventure. Players of the Iron Kingdoms Full-Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game are in for a treat as they are granted a never-before-seen side of our setting. From supernatural threats like shades and specters to the insidious Grymkin, the Strangelight Workshop teams battle against the unknown, shining a light on all things that go bump in the night.

This adventure, “The Haunting of Blackwell Hall,” focuses on a group of up-and-coming Strangelight members eager to prove themselves to the rest of the workshop. What begins as a routine—and perhaps even mundane—task quickly turns into a potential disaster that could spell the destruction of the Strangelight Workshop’s home base of Blackwell Hall itself.

In order to allow readers to jump right into the action, this feature also includes five pre-generated characters, each filling one of the roles of a standard Strangelight investigative team while also providing interesting and diverse personalities to the adventure.

In addition to the playable characters, this adventure also introduces two new mechanics to the Iron Kingdoms RPG. As players investigate the unknown, their successes generate Dread points, which the Game Master can use in a variety of ways, such as to increase the difficulty of challenges, add narrative complications to a scene, or even activate hidden powers in certain supernatural NPCs. Counteracting Dread is the party’s Reputation, a shared resource that players can use to aid them throughout the long as their actions don’t diminish their standing within the organization.

These tidbits are just the beginning, but you’ll have to pick up your copy of No Quarter Prime #1 from your favorite local game store this week to see the rest of the madness writing manager Matt Goetz and I have scared up. You can also order from our online store, but hurry—with a special bonus model included in this issue, our store won’t stay stocked long!