Insider 08-31-2016

The time has come to seal your fate . . . and Holden’s. Crossroads of Courage, the first narrative league for the new editions of WARMACHINE and HORDES, begins this week!

A little while ago, I wrote an FAQ on the new league in an Insider. I won’t repeat all that info, but if you don’t know what Crossroads of Courage is, and how it allows you to affect the outcome of a real WARMACHINE and HORDES model being released after Lock & Load GameFest 2017, then go read all about it here:

All caught up? Excellent.

So, as you know, it is your stories and your experiences that will shape Holden from season to season. The big finale event at Lock & Load GameFest 2017 will determine Holden’s ultimate fate, but everything you do in the four league seasons leading up to that moment will determine the possible outcomes for Holden. You’ll also see him transform from season to season based on the results you send us.

What I want to talk about today is how you can affect Holden’s fate. Each league season has a specific time window that it is designed to take place. For example, season 1 takes place in the month of September, season 2 in November, etc. The time window for each season is important, because that’s when you can report on your Holden experiences and have it change his fate. Because Holden changes from season to season, we had to create a deadline for accepting the information that would alter him.

Take note, though—your league season doesn’t have to take place at that time. If your local store or group can’t play during the appointed time frame, it’s OK. You can still run the league anytime you like, but your results won’t affect Holden’s fate. So in other words, play a season anytime you like, but if you want to take a part in playing god with Holden, play and submit your experiences during the month the season takes place.

Now then, when you read the webpage about submitting your Holden experiences it is kind of open ended. It simply states that you can share your in-game experiences with Holden by emailing me at Allow me to help clarify what sharing your in-game experiences means.

It means anything. Literally anything.

Here’s a small list of the kinds of things you could submit that would affect Holden’s fate (note that this list is not all inclusive): battle reports from league games involving Holden, narrative fiction retelling a game you played with Holden, photos of your custom-converted Holden model, art of Holden, a haiku about Holden, the GPS coordinates to find a bronze Holden statue you’ve hidden in the mountains, a picture of you wearing a Holden mask while getting coffee . . . literally anything.

Because you see, the criteria of what changes Holden are secret. You never know exactly how your submissions are going to change the man, but each and every submission counts towards his overall evolution. No matter how strange your entry, I promise we’ve got a category it fits into when determining which changes will take place.

So, what are you waiting for? Crossroads of Courage season 1 is about to start! Go check with your LGS to see if it is participating, and if not, encourage it to do so. This is your chance to leave a permanent mark on the face of WARMACHINE and HORDES. Don’t miss out!