Insider 08-12-2016

Gen Con 2016 was a smashing success. From the always-busy Iron Arena tables to the events happening right in our main booth, Gen Con had something for everyone. This year saw limited-edition Warcaster boxes, Bloody Buccaneer Skarre, and prereleases galore make their way into players’ hands. We launched a new style of demo: presenters on a stage calling out to our talented players as our hosts walked hundreds of guests through the world of WARMACHINE and HORDES.

Jake Van Meter (aka JVM) clinched victory in our Iron Gauntlet qualifier (game to be uploaded once Tony defeats our audio gremlins) narrated by the ever-entertaining HungerShick combo. We debuted Rumble matches and had players from across the globe get in the thick of it right off the bat. Our first-ever Champions event kicked off in a big way, with over 40 people getting a chance to try out this brand-new format.

Over at the booth, Miles Holmes was on hand to sign copies of Tales of the Invisible Hand and hand out a few t-shirts. Our P3 Grandmaster event had some of the best entries we have ever seen—Kat Martin was crowned our P3 Grandmaster with her amazing Skarre bust entry. No Quarter will be showcasing all of the amazing entries in an upcoming issue. A huge thank you goes out to the RAM, who once again put on an amazing display and tapping party. From the shirt to the menu, everywhere you looked, Privateer Press had something going on.

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Now for the future.

Coming up, we will be at Texas Wargamescon. Oz Schoonover and I will be on hand to answer questions, to chat about the new editions, and most important to play games with all of the attendees. Iron Arena is up and running Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and I know I am looking to get in as many Rumble games as I can. With Steamrollers everyday, and Saturday having a new name entered into the roster for the Iron Gauntlet, I look forward to seeing some top-level tactics on display. For those of you not able to make the trek, you can follow along on their Facebook feed, and check out our Twitter for updates.

Hot on the heels of Wargamescon, PAX West dominates Labor Day weekend. As this one is in our backyard, we bring staffers you may not get a chance to see outside of Lock & Load. We will be debuting the first expansion for The Undercity, Black River Irregulars. Be sure to swing by our booth in the skyway to get in a demo, trade some pins, or just chat about how much better Top Gun is over DuckTales (watch here for more details on DuckTales, Top Gun, and the Danger Zone).

Tickets for SmogCon 2017 went on sale last week. For last year’s event, our team flew across the pond to visit our community in England, and we will be returning this year. This far out, details are still being determined, but I can say we will have a short presentation on the upcoming faction for HORDES. We will be chatting about the game and design in hangouts, playing games in the Iron Arena, and offering some tips on the hobby part of the game. More information will be coming each month as we countdown to our very own British invasion.

Have a show you want us to be part of? Hit the forums and post a link to the website. Though we can’t go to every show (much as we would like to), we are always looking to meet our community on their home turf. Make sure to check out the Insiders, Facebook, and Twitter in the months ahead as shows are added, recapped, and updated.