Insider 07-18-2016

Today, we are releasing the first errata for the new editions of the game. While we never like to be in the position where we need to release errata, it is sometimes necessary. We worked for over three years to perfect the new editions of the game, but we did so internally (out of necessity) with the resources we had available, and we focused first on the broad strokes and then on individual model interactions.

In addition to a fairly complex rules set, however, we were also tasked with balancing and evaluating nearly a thousand models, a significant increase even from the transition between Mk I and Mk II. It was inevitable that once we released the game to the community as a whole that our players would see things we had not and would point out interactions we had missed. There are also a number of places where either we understood the rules to be clear and later saw how they could be read to mean something else, or where the language of the rules changes in editing and were made inconsistent with language elsewhere.

While we sincerely apologize for these errors, we do not do so idly. In the interest of maintaining the best possible play environment , we solicited as much feedback as we could in the past few weeks and have made changes we felt were necessary for the ongoing health of the game. We have vigilantly looked for any mistakes in the rules and have debated intent and what is best for the game going forward. The Infernals and the forums as a whole have been instrumental in bringing these issues to our attention. And while I do not believe we have yet caught every issue, I am confident we are now on much more solid footing. We will continue to monitor the play environment and make adjustments to the rules as we feel necessary to provide you with the best play experience possible.

To make this errata as user friendly as possible, it is already being integrated into War Room. For those of you who prefer to play using cards, we will be updating the errataed cards and uploading them for free download in late August.