Insider 07-15-2016

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, here is the fastest 6,314-word Insider on Malekus, The Burning Truth you will ever read.

Like Bane Witch Agathea, Malekus sprang from the mind of Matt Wilson, and this initial concept art was pretty polished after our first discussion about the character.

A quick color pass from Art Director Mike Vaillancourt gives our artists and painters a guide to follow. We generally keep these color guides quick and simple, but this concept was too cool not to spend a little extra effort on.

Mike then worked with artist Néstor Ossandón to get the art done for Malekus’ debut in WARMACHINE: Prime and on his stat card for the new Protectorate of Menoth battlegroup box. Before we had the name “Malekus” for this guy, we simple referred to him as the “Fahrenheit 451 Warcaster”—and this art certainly evokes that title.

Here you can see a near-final digital rendering from sculptor Shawn Bruner, who did a fantastic job bringing the concept to life. For this guy, it was all about capturing his massive and imposing A-frame stature.

Here we have the final model painted by studio painter Dallas Kemp, who also provided input on the initial colors for the character during the concept phase. This is just one example of how frequently team members collaborate to get the best possible results.

Last, photo wiz Matt Ferbrache put together our dramatic battlegroup box cover shot. As you can see in this crop, we like to have some fun with atmosphere and lighting effects to really capture the feel of our characters.

I hope you are having fun with all of the new WARMACHINE and HORDES battlegroup ’casters, whether you are playing with them or against them. When he hits the table, be sure not to let Malekus too close to your thatched roof cottages. Safety first, kids.