Insider 04-15-2016

A new edition needs new art. From the warbeasts you know and love to new characters fresh to the battlefields of the Iron Kingdoms, we commissioned more than 100 pieces of art. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be looking at some of my favorite new pieces and giving you some insight into the process.

Kriel Warriors

One of the factions that required the greatest amount of new art was the Trollbloods. They’ve visually evolved over the last decade, and so a majority of the older art simply no longer fit within our current aesthetic. Whenever I have the opportunity to assign Trollblood artwork to Andrea Uderzo, it makes Chief Creative Officer Matt Wilson and Creative Director Ed Bourelle extremely happy, so I try to use him on Trolls as much as possible. In this illustration, I wanted to see the Kriel Warriors bursting forth from the tree line in a charge attack, and, as usual, Andrea nailed it.


For any model entry, I like to see the models interacting inside an environment where they demonstrate their battlefield prowess. In this illustration by Jonathan Gonzales, I wanted to see the Defilers melting a combined Cygnaran and Khadoran force, giving a little bit of a nod to the events that transpired back in Reckoning. You might notice the lancer shield and cowling in the bottom third of the frame, and middle right you'll see a Khadoran Winter Guard getting sprayed with acid. That poor guy never had a chance.


The fun part about this illustration was that it was my first time working with Jeremy Chong. I saw Jeremy’s portfolio online and thought his rendering style was a perfect complement to Nestor’s work. Due to the holidays* he was only able to take on one piece, so I gave him the Harriers to see how well he handled creatures. Every time I showed this piece to someone in the office, they thought it was Nestor. I consider that a mission accomplished, and I look forward to working with Jeremy more in the future!

*A majority of the art was completed between November and the second week of January.