Insider 04-01-2016

Spring is always an exciting time at Privateer Press HQ. Not only is there the regular buzz of activity within its hallowed walls, it also often provides us our first real hands-on experience with projects and products that we’ve been frantically working on over the previous year.

I have been fortunate enough to have been present for several truly momentous arrivals at Privateer Press. I was here for the arrival of Mk II, which reshaped the entire landscape of WARMACHINE and HORDES. I remember getting my hands on the first Khador Gun Carriage, which ushered in the advent of huge bases to the game. I was right there when Ed Bourelle placed the first fully assembled colossal on my desk, and I was one of the first people to put together masters for the Convergence of Cyriss. I’ve been present for the first-ever unboxing of all our LEVEL 7 games and our Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game The Undercity. To quote an iconic scene from a well-known science fiction epic, “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.” Except, of course, you would believe them because you have seen them all, too.

I tell you all of this in order to underscore the truly momentous thing I am about to share with you today. It is my privilege to reveal to you something that has quite literally overshadowed every moment that has come before.

While I would love nothing more than to wax for hours about what I am about to reveal to you all, I will cage the burning passion within my breast. As they say, a picture is worth a thousands words.

So without further ado, I give you the first-ever fourth incarnation of a WARMACHINE and HORDES character: Victoria Haley 4, Attack of the 50´ Haley!

This new breed of Haley is not just bigger, badder, and more beautiful than you’ve ever seen. It’s really her rules and what they usher into the game that make her incredible. We’ve pulled out all the stops, and everyone from development is so excited to share all the hard work that went into this model that I have another big surprise for you. We’re previewing Haley 4’s rules right here, right now!

*Click the images above for full size or click here for a pdf (1.8MB).

That’s right! With All Haley, All the Time, you never have to worry about when the right moment is to pop her feat. Because with Haley, it’s always the right time! On top of that, in order to make sure that no one felt left out in the cold, Haley 4’s Highly Competitive rule means that you can terrorize your foes with 50´ of Haley no matter which faction you play. Just one look at her rules, and I’m sure you’ll agree this breaks new ground and shatters every preconceived notion about what a WARMACHINE and HORDES model can be.

And the best part? This ultimate version of Haley is already available and ready for you to display proudly, in a beautifully hand-painted, limited-edition format.

Get one today on this most April of 1sts, and experience All Haley, All the Time!