Insider 02-09-2016

Much like The Undercity board game before it, Widower’s Wood is a great miniatures toolbox for players of the Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game.

When The Undercity came out, I got a copy to bulk out the range of miniatures I could throw into my game sessions. The mix of human thugs, ogrun, Rhulfolk, and, most important, cephalyx gave me a fistful of cool NPC and monster figures to toss in with the figures in my Unleashed Adventure Kit. Best of all, I could literally toss the figures, since the durable plastic has no problem taking the kind of abuse I can dish out. Similar treatment of my WARMACHINE and HORDES miniatures would leave me with busted warjacks and a sour expression.

*Digital renders, final product may vary.

Widower’s Wood continues the tradition Undercity started and ups the number of sturdy figures. Because I’m a big fan of Unleashed, the mixture of gatormen, bog trogs, beasts, and more is a huge bonus. The number of unique character sculpts gives me a lot of versatility when I’m building encounters. Gone are the days of pointing to one of my halberd-wielding gatormen and saying, “Yeah, this is the big guy with a weird weapon.” Without dipping into my cast of warlocks, I have a gatorman that fits in perfectly with his companions while still looking like a powerful bruiser, low-level chieftain, or special NPC in the encounter.

*Digital renders, final product may vary.

My players also get the benefit of the cool sculpts in Widower’s Wood. Several figures, both heroes and villains, are great characterful sculpts that make for perfect player characters. Bog trog players get a fantastic new mist speaker sculpt, Agata the farrow is a welcome addition for players looking to play a female farrow, and the list goes on. Each of the unique heroes and many of the significant villains are perfect fits for a savage group of Unleashed characters.

One of my favorite things about Widower’s Wood is that it even includes some creatures that haven’t been realized as miniatures before. Being able to throw these models down on the table is quite gratifying. Like an illustration, a figure can create a strong connection for the players—they can see exactly the size and shape of the danger in front of them and begin to form their plans for attack (or retreat).

*Digital renders, final product may vary.

I hope my players like stumbling across nests of viper tatzylwurms...

We expect Widower’s Wood to be delivered to backers in early 2017. Stay tuned to Privateer Insiders, Facebook, and Twitter posts, and as we get ready to launch our first board game Kickstarter. Thanks in advance for your support!