GenCon Preview with JR Godwin

Back in 2006, I attended my first Gen Con. I had no clue what I was walking into and was blown away by the size, both of the show and the crowds. Since then, I have been to nine Gen Cons, some as an attendee, some from the other side of the counter. Each year, Privateer Press has pushed the envelope for what events, prereleases, and games are available, and this year is no exception.

As is easiest, let’s start at the beginning, and by “beginning,” I mean Saturday. On Saturday, many of you eagle-eyed event enjoyers noticed that we have a Monsterpocalypse tournament. This will be the first organized tournament for the game, and we have some awesome prizes (including the Privateer Headquarters alternate sculpt). You may be asking how we can have a tournament if the game isn’t even out yet? The answer to that question: we will be prereleasing the starter sets and unit sets at Gen Con! Thursday morning, all of you at the show will get the chance to crack open the boxes, put your new models together, and then reach out and crush someone!

For those of you new to the Privateer Press presence at Gen Con, each year we partner up with the always-awesome RAM Brewery. They let us plaster their walls with banners, and they roll out shirts, mugs, and a brand-new brew to celebrate the show. In return, we craft a special convention exclusive model for them to show off. This year, in honor of Monsterpocalypse, they have brewed up a coffee-infused stout dubbed City Smasher!

Be sure to join us Wednesday night for the tapping party, as the RAM serves up a City Smashin’ good time. As a beer of this magnitude needs something suitably epic for its corresponding model, allow me to introduce you (again, as Dallas has been painting him on “Get Your Paint On”) to Brewgrosh! Brewgrosh comes with his full rules and is ready to drink and destroy his way alongside the forces of the Destroyers Agenda.

For our fans of the flame, Potentate Severius will make his debut. Our second prequel ’caster, Potentate Severius joins Lieutenant Allister Caine, who flashed onto the scene at Lock & Load. Furthering the fiery offerings, High Exemplar Cyrenia, the Shrine of the Lawgiver, the Exemplar Warder, the Exemplar Cinerator Officer, and the full Exemplar theme box will also be available.

Not to be outdone in the fire department, the forces of the Crucible Guard will be expanding at Gen Con. Aurum Ominus Alyce and Aurum Adeptus Syvestro are ready to lead forth the Storm and Assault Troopers and the terrifying power of the Vulcan. If taking to the air is more your speed, both the Rocketmen and the Rocketman Ace will be on hand to bolster your forces.

More previews are lined up to showcase our amazing offerings, events, and impromptu live streams to come. To stay on top of all of our sneak peeks, make sure to follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Twitch. For now, I need to get back to assembling the ’Caster Draft trophies (see if you can name all of the parts).