Formula P3 Grandmasters - Lock & Load 2018

Hey, gang, 

Lock & Load 2018 has come and gone, but the memories will be with me forever. From hanging out with our awesome community to painting in the Hobby Lounge, the show was three packed days of fun and excitement. Brendan Roy and Jordan Lamb ran hangouts all weekend long to a captivated audience, covering everything from how to paint the newly released Crucible Guard to how to get an army on the table quickly. Mr. Danny Samuels created some fun terrain projects and hosted the Mega popular bits bash—someday I’mma gonna crash that party and get in on the fun…

But, of course, one event has a special place in my heart. Yeah, I know, you’re thinking Iron Painter. And you are right! That’s a Friday event of nonstop mayhem. Led by Master of Ceremonies Will Shick and his lovely assistant JR Godwin, three challengers (all previous contestants, I might add) bested me in a frenzied painting contest like no other. There were pancakes and face painting, and the final winner was Todd McNeal.

Watch here for this painting madness:

But I digress.

The Formula P3 Grandmaster is the big daddy painting competition. This year, artists from around the world entered the event with dreams of becoming the P3 Grandmaster. But the competition isn’t just about winning. Each entry is judged on its own merits, receiving medals for bronze, silver, and gold based on the individual work. Additionally, we hand out artist recognition awards as well for entries that catch the eyes of the judges. The big feature, though, is the feedback. Each judge—and, in fact, any Studio member—is happy and excited to give feedback to help you push yourself to that next level or even just to refine what you do for the tabletop by offering inspiration, tips, tricks, and hopefully all-around helpful advice. Trust me, the feedback I received oh so many years ago helped me greatly.

All right, enough chitchat. Let’s take a look at the Lock & Load 2018 P3 Grandmasters.

Grandmaster Winner Steve Hall

And don’t forget: Gen Con 2018 has a P3 Grandmaster competition as well. Check out the rules here and come say hi at the Privateer Press booth in just a few more days!

My Defender X: is this art?