First Shot Event Preview

This May we’ve got a very special organized play event coming up for WARMACHINE. It’s called First Shot, and it’s one of the most unique and frankly experimental events we’ve ever produced.

First Shot is a single-day family event for parents and their children, or any combination of an experienced senior WARMACHINE player and a younger, inexperienced player: aunts and nephews, older and younger siblings, the more the merrier! Players sign up as a two-person team of parent and child, or mentor and apprentice. Before the event date, the apprentice will receive an event kit that includes a warcaster model and a light warjack model to use during the event. We recommend that the event organizer give out these models at least a week in advance of the actual event so the mentor has time to work with the apprentice to assemble and paint them.

On the day of the event, the team shows up with their newly assembled models. The mentor also brings any small-based unit of six models and any three small-based solos. Now, it doesn’t matter which models they bring or which ’caster and ’jack the apprentice received, because the kit also has special stat cards designed just for this event: First Shot Journeyman Warcaster, First Shot Warjack, First Shot Soldier unit, and First Shot Mentor solo. All players use the same stat cards during the event, so everyone is on equal footing.

The event itself is a teaching experience, and games are played using a highly cinematic scenario. Teams play each other at their leisure, with no round pairings or timers required. The apprentice controls the ’caster, ’jack, and soldiers, while the mentor controls a handful of Mentor solos that support the apprentice’s models by doing things such as healing them or allowing them to make additional attacks.

In the First Shot scenario, the apprentice must have their warjack break open a crate of flares for their warcaster to signal nearby artillery, drop a massive bombardment on their opponent, and then hold the center of the chaotic battlefield. The apprentice is never truly out of the game, even if their dice have a streak of bad luck. Special scenario elements, such as the Medical Tent, mean that some models can always return to play until the scenario ends, including warcasters.

With this being the 15-year anniversary of WARMACHINE, we realized that many of you out there have been gaming with us since the beginning and likely have children of your own or other young family members who are just starting to take an interest in “mommy and daddy’s toys.” First Shot is, at its core, a way for a veteran player to introduce a new player to the joy of wargaming. We hope that you enjoy First Shot, and we look forward to meeting the newest young members of our ever-growing community!

Not this "child"...

Check with your local gaming venue to see if they are running First Shot. The event rules are available online, and prize kits are available for purchase by retailers through distribution or through Privateer’s online store.