Extreme Colossal Wrestling Round 3: Triple Threat Xtreme

by Will Hungerford

“Loco Motion nearly took the Big Skipper’s head off!

Big Skip’s down, and Loco’s setting up for the Full Steam A-Headbutt! This match is over. Wait, where did Swampy Pete come from! He’s barred from the ring, get him out of here. Oh my gawd, the Swamp Monster is just bludgeoning Loco like a voodoo doll, and that gives Big Skip a chance to recover. Hold on, Swampy Pete just stomped a mudhole in the Big Skipper, too! This just became a triple threat match! Ring the damn bell, it looks like we’re gonna have a round three . . . ”

Extreme Colossal Wrestling first appeared in No Quarter #71 and introduced a completely new way to throw down with your colossal and gargantuan models from WARMACHINE and HORDES. This was followed up by Extreme Colossal Wrestling: Round 2 in No Quarter #72, which introduced a mega-sized expansion to the original roster of wrestlers.

Since then, some new colossal and gargantuan models have released that are just begging to get a shot in the squared circle—namely the Dracodile, the Sea King, and the Vulcan.

Worry not, wrestling aficionados, the wait is over. This triple-threat expansion is oiled up, jacked up, and ready to suplex any punk foolish enough to stand in its way.

Extreme Colossal Wrestling Round 3: Triple Threat Xtreme