Concept to Crate Lady Rose Riding Hood

In this week’s behind-the-scenes look at our art processes, I’ll be discussing the creation of the concept art for the MiniCrate model called Lady Rose Riding Hood.

The idea behind this miniature was simple: to create a Red Riding Hood version of the grymkin Lady Karianna Rose. As the description was incredibly straightforward, I sent Andrea a short note and the original concept art for reference. What he returned was excellent.

Based upon the four sketches submitted I preferred version four and the group agreed. As a result, Andrea was cleared to produce the final line art.

I prepared a quick color scheme for her that utilized her original palette but reversed the hierarchal order of each color’s prominence. And thus with the color palette established for the studio paint scheme, the concept art was complete! Working from such a solid concept made this one of the fastest and easiest we’ve ever done!

You can order her now at so long as you subscribe by September 19th, before she's gone forever!