Concept to Crate Lady of the Feast

In this concept art Insider, I’ll detail the MiniCrate concept for a female version of the Lord of the Feast. In my initial exploration sketches, I leaned heavily toward a direct translation of the Lord of the Feast but in a more feminine form.

Although she might be a solid addition to any Circle army, she seemed a bit too literal of a translation. We discussed several ideas, ranging from a carhop on roller skates to a classic ’50s style Thanksgiving look to a pilgrim with a cornucopia (aUnited States Thanksgiving holiday nod). Those ideas were abandoned, though, as Matt Wilson thought she’d be more successful if she still looked like she could actually fit in the Iron Kingdoms setting. His specific suggestion was to go for a long cloak covered in raven feathers hanging over one shoulder, and in one hand she could have a chalice made from a human skull, raised in a toast.

With this new direction in mind, I presented the following sketches.

This round had folks leaning toward versions A and E but modified with a longer cape flowing onto the floor and with the skull pulled up higher so we can see her face. Dallas Kemp and Will Shick wanted more Heavy Metal in the vibe. And Matt suggested making the cape more regal and surrounding her with a pile of skulls at her feet (in addition to his previous notes). I decided to lean heavily into the old Frank Frazetta Conan vibe with her and did a couple of quick sketches.

We ran with the version on the left and replaced the leather with feathers. I then expanded with the rough sketch and produced the following:

All that was left was to establish colors.

And thus was she prepared to host the feast!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek behind the curtain at concept-to-crate for the new Lady of the Feast. Now go pick up yours through by subscribing between September 20th and October 19th!