Concept to Crate Alexia Handmaiden of Death

In this concept art Insider, I’ll be discussing the concept art process for the newest MiniCrate VIP exclusive mini: Alexia, Handmaiden of Death.

The basic description for this model was that we wanted to use the Witchfire cover art illustration as a template for the piece. After I sent the description to artist Andrea Uderzo with the appropriate reference material, he produced these sketches:

There are several considerations put into designing any model, of course, and for this particular model, we wanted it to be a suitable representation of an iconic piece of artwork from the setting. My primary concern with poses #1 and #3 were the spaces underneath the arms that would require the arm to be removed, making it a separate part or creating potential problems in casting and/or cleanup before painting. Ultimately, the pose that appealed to the whole group was #3, and with production’s feedback, my initial concern with the gaps was well in hand. With the pose selected, Andrea was clear to produce the final line art.

After completing the final line art, all we needed was to establish the studio paint scheme.

Good thing we happened to have a good reference we could use :)

As the original Witchfire artwork by Matt Wilson established the color scheme for the model, all we had to do was transfer that over to the concept art. Sculptor Dave Kidd did a fantastic job of translating the concept art into miniature format, and then studio painter Brendan Roy provided the finishing touches.

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