'Caster Draft 2018 Available Now!

The time has come: ’Caster Draft is now officially available! What’s ’Caster Draft, you ask? It’s our newest (and by far one of our wildest) casual formats for WARMACHINE and HORDES.

Many of you may remember Spell Draft from the MK II days. Spell Draft was a format in which your ’casters lost all of their spells, but before the event began, you drafted a new spell list while in a pod of eight players using specifically designed cards and draft packs. Well, ’Caster Draft is that concept…but kicked up a notch.

Not notches in an axe... well maybe...

In ’Caster Draft, you build a 50-point army with +30 warbeast or warjack points, but you don’t choose a ’caster. Instead you receive a generic ’caster that has a single spell, a relatively mundane feat, a pistol and sword, and some decent starting stats. Then, in pods of four players, you draft cards from special packs that contain new spells, feats, weapons, stat bumps, and abilities. You literally craft your own ’caster, and the possibilities are insane.

Actually... kinda like that... yeah.

There’s no way you’ll ever build the same ’caster twice, and there’s no way what you build will ever be fair. In fact, nothing about ’Caster Draft is fair…but this is also true of what your opponent is capable of doing. When everything is unfair, everything is balanced, right? Well, it’s fun as hell, that much is for sure.

The format rules to play a ’Caster Draft are available online now!

You can purchase print-on-demand ’Caster Draft decks (each deck contains enough cards for 4 players) here!

Enjoy the madness, folks. Given our test runs at AdeptiCon and the Southern Ontario Open, you’re in for a real (crazy) treat.