Brewgrosh Concept to Convention

Every year at Gen Con, we launch an exclusive figure that coincides with a beer released at the Indianapolis RAM Restaurant & Brewery.

This year, I was given the name “Brewgrosh” for this summer’s exclusive and, then it was up to me to figure out what such a model would look like.

By brainstorming directions, I gave Andrea the background of the RAM event and a couple of ideas to try out:

  • Beer trucks or vats/fermenters in his tentacles
  • Beer helmet made out of a grain silo and two fermenters that have fire hoses hooked up as straws.

Beyond my two ideas, I wanted him to feel free to explore different directions, just so long as it leaned heavily into humor. With that in mind, he sent me the following set of sketches…

After some discussion, in which we considered what looked the coolest and would be the best for production purposes, 5B—with normal eyes—was the winner. With this direction, Andrea proceeded to produce the final line art.

And yet again, Andrea produced a fantastic-looking concept that you will be able to purchase directly from us during Gen Con at booth #439 (or online during the show at!

Cthugrosh was modeled by Doug Hamilton, and studio sculptor and engineer Marco Segovia is responsible for the convention-exclusive sculpt!