Active Duty Roster Season 8 Preview

A few months ago, we ran the Steamroller CID cycle, which also included some significant changes to both the Masters and the Champions formats. Specifically, Masters would no longer be using the Active Duty Roster (ADR), and the ADR for Champions was going to begin using Theme Forces as well as ’casters.

Thanks to your feedback during this cycle, we refined the ADR and the format changes, and when the formats update in June (just after Lock & Load), we’re going to have two fantastic and fairly distinct premier competitive formats for WARMACHINE & HORDES.

Before we preview the upcoming ADR rosters, let me give you a quick overview of how things changed regarding ADR and its usage:

  • Masters no longer uses ADR
  • Champions requires players to use the ADR
  • The ADR is now a set of ’casters and Theme Forces for each Faction
  • When building a list for Champions, you must play a ’caster on the ADR, and you must play a Theme Force on the ADR
  • Champions is now a one-list-required, second-list-optional format. If you choose to take a second list, you must pick a different ’caster and a different Theme Force
  • Divide and Conquer (a.k.a. playing each list at least once in an event), no longer exists in Masters or Champions

That said…enough chitchat! Let’s get to the real reason for this Insider: to preview all the ADR rosters for the upcoming season! Check it out: