“Always be cleaning,” is what hobby manager Stuart Spengler said to me back at Lock & Load when we where waiting for a moving truck. He had a little toolkit and a small container of minis he was cleaning while we where waiting. I just watched him clean the minis with a smirk on my face thinking he had a great idea. Since then, I’ve taken what Stu said and applied it. A few days later, I was getting an oil change, and while I was waiting I cleaned a dozen minis. Now I carry a little toolkit and some metal minis everywhere I go, and while I wait for anything, I’m cleaning. No more using painting time for cleaning minis!

During my Thanksgiving trip to visit my family I brought my little kit along and cleaned during the downtime. Don’t get me wrong. I was social with my family, but there are those times when you don’t want to watch commercials or you’re up early or late due to jet lag.

I don’t know about you guys, but I always need to keep my hands busy, and this bit of knowledge from Stu was just what I needed. Now, when I sit down to paint every day, my minis are already cleaned and ready for the next step. That’s a great feeling.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, and remember, “Always be cleaning.”