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Did you know that if you mention the King of Nothing in the Grymkin Facebook group, I will show up?

Hello, Defiers—Jeff here with a preview of the army I’ll be playing during the Staff Showdown on April 12th, live from the Privateer Press Studios!

So, what will I be playing and why? Let’s have a look…

War Room 2 has been updated with these changes, so make sure to download the new card files before your next game.

The Card Database, Card Version List, and the Theme Force PDFs can all be found here, or at

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For this week’s concept art Insider, I’m going to walk you through the concept art process for the creation of the MiniCrate VIP subscriber exclusive Bride of Arkadius!

For this week’s Insider, I’m sharing a peek behind the scenes in the development of the concept for Harlequin Versh. This MiniCrate -exclusive model is an alternate take of Harlan Phineas Versh. Playing off the nickname “Harley,” the idea for the concept steered toward historical harlequin themes. I sent artist Andrea Uderzo some visual references and a basic description, and the visual development process began.

A Friendly Reminder

by Matt Goetz

The bloodtrackers yowled, thrusting their javelins at the bloody comet that burned overhead. The whitemane barked and snapped, whirling the blade of his great axe through the leaping flames of the bonfire. Around them, a congregation of snapping, sweaty Tharn writhed in carnal ritual or tore bloody hunks of meat from the severed limbs turning on roasting spits.

As far as feasts went, it was shaping up nicely.

If you’re a seasoned competitive player and have a collection of Steamroller coins, medals, and trophies on your mantle, you probably already know everything I’m going to write in this article. And if that does describe you, then maybe you can help a new player in your community navigate the bounty of information and tools that make up War Room. War Room is an amazing companion app for WARMACHINE and HORDES players, whether you play competitively or casually. Let me show you all the bells and whistles that this app has to offer!.

Privateer Press brings you this guest insider from our friends at Broken Egg Games, discussing the design of their beautiful WARMACHINE and HORDES tokens!

Privateer Press brings you this guest insider from the Welsh Masters with some history, insight, and news about this upcoming WARMACHINE/HORDES event!