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While the full rules for the Battle for the Athanc campaign will be posted closer to the end of this series, the basics the players needed to kick off the campaign were relatively straightforward. For anyone who has ever played in a GM-style campaign before, you know this is usually the case, as most of the complexity is handled organically between the GM and players.

The first combat of the Battle for the Athanc campaign takes place at the Cygnaran Royal Observatory.

The first miniatures I ever painted were for a board game called HeroQuest (it was all the rage for 12 year olds back in the day). I remember thinking how cool the game was—but that it would be even cooler if the models were painted.

Hi, all,

Some of you (most of you, hopefully) might remember me as the former editor-in-chief of No Quarter magazine, and, most recently, the publications manager for Skull Island eXpeditions. As of now, I’m a full-time writer, and quite a lot of that fullness comes from writing for Privateer Press.

One of the many great things about miniatures games is that there is more than just one way to play and enjoy them.

As the lead designer of WARMACHINE and HORDES, I wanted to take a moment to discuss the newest errata document. An astute reader will notice a number of balance changes across the games. It is our intention that these changes both improve balance and the experience of play. These changes were not made lightly, however—they are the product of solid feedback, direct play experience, careful consideration, and continual debate.

In this final article on the development of The Undercity, we’re talking about the last major component of the game: the villains and the system that controls them.

As part of our ongoing discussion of the creation of The Undercity, this week we’re taking a look at the story behind the game and how this narrative influenced our development process.

Last February, Privateer Press staff had the unique pleasure of flying across the pond and making our first major convention appearance in the UK at SmogCon 2015.

Thanks for joining me for this third installment of our discussion about designing The Undercity. With the rules now available, we dig into the mechanics of the heroes and how they came to be.

Hello again! Time to update you on the progress of my army for our office league!

Welcome back to our series of developer diary articles about The Undercity, the newest board game from Privateer Press.

Hello! My name is Chris, and I work in the Privateer Press production department as part of the team making all of our resin parts.

Welcome to the first in a series of articles about the newest board game from Privateer Press, The Undercity. Over the next several weeks I’ll be giving you a look behind the curtains at how the game was developed.

In my last Insider, I shared some tips for staying focused and motivated to finish painting your armies. Today I’m going to walk through the method I am using to paint my Skorne army for our office slow-grow league.

One of the high points for me of this year’s Lock & Load was seeing people picking up the Limited Edition Major Prime Victoria Haley boxed sets. Each of these included a hardbound copy of the novella “At What Cost,” written by yours truly. While I have written a substantial volume of Iron Kingdoms fiction over the years, most has found a home inside WARMACHINE and HORDES books or in No Quarter magazine.

Hi Everyone! My name is Michelle, and I am the Office Manager here at Privateer Press, where I’ve worked for three really great years. Every year I tell myself, I’m going to learn to play WARMACHINE and HORDES this year. I’m already a big supporter of our board games—Zombies Keep Out is a big hit at our family game nights at home (especially when I have enough Bite tokens to talk like a zombie).

My name is Justin, and I work customer support here at Privateer Press. I handle almost all your store orders. For my first Insider, I would like to share my Legion of Everblight army with you.

Last week Michael Plummer shared one of his strategies for staying motivated to paint his WARMACHINE and HORDES armies. Michael and I have painted a lot of models in a short period of time during Lunch Time Paint Parties and today I’m going to share a few more secrets to getting your army fully painted and on the table in no time.

Every year, I tell myself I’m going to start painting one hour a day. It’s a lofty goal, one I struggle with all the time. I have many armies I want to play, but other hobbies and life responsibilities always seem to get in the way. This year, though, I have a new strategy.