Press Gangers

What is the Press Gang?

The Privateer Press Gang is our elite corps of game demonstrators and event organizers that work around the globe. They volunteer their time and efforts at their local stores, game clubs and at conventions to demonstrate Privateer Press products. We'll bring the game. You bring the bodies.

Ready to join the ranks of the Press Gang?

Do I have what it takes?

The basic requirements:

  1. A completed online application telling us about yourself and your gaming experience
  2. Three digital photos: of yourself and either two different, painted Box sets if applying to support WARMACHINE and HORDES; or two Starter boxes if applying to support Monsterpocalypse. Note: When sending photos of your painted Box sets, both sets must be the same game type, as we do not endorse demoing Battle Box sets against Warpack Box sets.
  3. An endorsement from a store in your area- An owner/manager's name, the store's name, address, and phone number are sufficient.

We hold our members to the same high standards as we do our own staff, but we give as good as we get. Be aware that there are several reason as to an application can be rejected, some of the more common are below...

  • Coverage: We can only support a few members in any one area. If there are already enough active members we will not add more.
  • Employee status: In general, game store employees and staff are ineligible. The program requires neutrality and the ability to support multiple stores.
  • References: All references will be checked and confirmed before acceptance.
  • Missing information or images: The application must contain all requested information and images for us to properly process an application.
  • Quartermaster’s verdict: Based on all data we have about an applicant we must make a final verdict on whether or not an individual will be a fit for our program.

The Press Gang is an exciting group of people to be part of. In addition to having great times at conventions and in-store events, there are Press Gang “points” or “credits” earned by running events and demos and applied towards Privateer Press products, opportunities to participate in play tests or other behind the scenes developments, and occasional advance access to models before they hit the street.

Thank you for your interest in helping to spread the word about WARMACHINE®, HORDES, and Monsterpocalypse. It's through the efforts of enthusiastic individuals like yourself that WARMACHINE has become the unstoppable force that it is today.

Do you accept non-North American Members?

Yes. Not only do we have Press Gangers in Europe, Australia, South America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, but we are always looking for more! If there is not a Press Ganger in your area, sign up today!

Thank you again for your interest and we look forward to your application!

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Ready to join the ranks of the Press Gang?