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Excerpt from The Blood of Kings by Douglas Seacat

The Blood of Kings, the epic Iron Kingdoms novel from Douglas Seacat, releases in print and digital on May 25th. While you wait, read the following excerpt from The Blood of Kings and enter a Goodreads Giveaway to win a signed copy!

Official WARMACHINE & HORDES category on Twitch

Now you can #PlayItPainted using the new official "WARMACHINE & HORDES" category on Twitch, (complete with new box art)!

Insider 05-17-2016 Nathan Meyer

The pulse-pounding action sci-fi/horror novel LEVEL 7: The Judas Protocol releases this week. We spoke to author Nathan Meyer to get some insight into the shadowy black-ops world of LEVEL 7 and the alien Ghin among us...

Matt Wilson Interview on Upcoming SIX Fiction

1. Since its launch three years ago, Skull Island eXpeditions has primarily been a vehicle for Iron Kingdoms fiction, but that’s about to change in a big way. Tells us a bit about the new direction for Skull Island eXpeditions and the reasoning behind it.

Coming Soon from Skull Island eXpeditions

Skull Island eXpeditions takes it first step into original speculative fiction with Miles Holmes’ thrilling pulp adventure saga Tales of the Invisible Hand!

SIX Interview with Miles Holmes

On August 10th*, Skull Island eXpeditions takes its first foray into original fiction with the millennia-spanning pulp adventure Tales of the Invisible Hand by Miles Holmes. We spoke with Miles about his upcoming novel and his inspirations for the book’s themes of alternate history and ancient civilizations.

Acts of War I: Flashpoint Now Available!

Acts of War I: Flashpoint by Aeryn Rudel is now available. This exciting first book in the Iron Kingdoms Chronicles follows the release of new editions of the WARMACHINE and HORDES games and makes for an excellent entry point into a world of steam power and sorcery. Author Aeryn Rudel has some unique insights into his new book and what makes it a great way to get started in the lands of the Iron Kingdoms...

Gen Con 2016

I love this time of year. We are in the middle of convention season, and there is always something going on. So far this year we have been to SmogCon, Lock & Load GameFest, Origins, the Las Vegas Open, and a whole bunch of other shows, and that’s only the beginning of what we have planned. Our next big appearance is at Gen Con. This year’s show is going to be bigger than ever as we celebrate the new editions of WARMACHINE and HORDES with a host of events, con exclusives, and new features at our booth.

Tales of the Invisible Hand Airship Schematics with Author Miles Holmes

Despite a prehistoric setting, Tales of the Invisible Hand could be described as diesel-punk. That’s because of the aircraft it features—or “airships,” as they’re called here. I’ve always marveled over the aircraft and air combat of World War II, even when considering the many experimental designs that came from that period. While most of those designs might never have seen action, they were fascinating to me just the same.