The Game of Raucous Goblin Wrestling!

BodgerMania is the slobberknockin’ game of goblin wrestling action where the roughest, toughest wrestler takes home the title! In BodgerMania, each player takes on the role of a goblin bodger-turned-wrestler ready to square off in the ring for fame and glory. The bodgers battle to beat down their rivals in a series of matches leading up to the main event, each glorious three-count helping them get over with the crowd to earn the fans, favors, and influence they need to get an edge in the championship. Suplex your opponents into submission in the main event to claim the coveted Bodger Belt and become champion—until the next pay-per-view event, anyway!


  • 20 Match cards
  • 64 Fight cards
  • 24 Prize cards
  • 1 Ref’s Favor card
  • Game rules

2-6 Players
30 Minutes
Ages 12 and Up

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April 10, 2013
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