Privateer Press has exciting deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!


Skull Island eXpeditions

Take 20% off our entire catalog of swashbuckling novellas from Skull Island eXpeditions from Nov. 29 through Dec. 2. Use the coupon code “BLACKFRIDAY” at checkout to take advantage of this special deal. Complete your collection of WARMACHINE, HORDES, and Iron Kingdoms e-books today!

Privateer Press Digital App

All WARMACHINE Mk II, HORDES Mk II, and Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game books in the Privateer Press Digital app will be available at special holiday prices from Nov. 29 through Dec. 2 only. Download the Privateer Press Digital reader app available for iOS and Android devices and load your tablet with WARMACHINE, HORDES, and Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game books, including the roleplaying game’s newest volume, Kings, Nations, and Gods!


Shop the Privateer Press online store starting Cyber Monday, Dec. 2, for these great deals!

25-Point Army Bundles for WARMACHINE and HORDES

Enter the world of WARMACHINE and HORDES with one of ten 25-point army bundles! Each bundle even includes an additional warcaster or warlock, giving you two different strategies to master with your new army. With each bundle you’ll also get a faction token set, a pair of commemorative “10 Years of WARMACHINE” dice, an exclusive commemorative “10 Years of WARMACHINE” gold metal pin, and an unlock for the digital version of the appropriate Force book on the Privateer Press Digital app.

*Items not to scale


Experience the critically acclaimed tactical miniatures board game LEVEL 7 [OMEGA PROTOCOL] and the survival-horror board game LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE] plus its expansion LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE]: Lockdown in one of three LEVEL 7 deals! Get LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE] and LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE]: Lockdown plus four promo cards for use in the game for $80, or get LEVEL 7 [OMEGA PROTOCOL] plus three promo cards and three bonus figures for $90! For the best value, you can get everything in those two deals in one giant bundle for only $150!

Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game

Journey into the Iron Kingdoms with this mega-bundle for the Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game! This bundle includes the first two volumes of the roleplaying game—Core Rules and the new Kings, Nations, and Gods—as well as the Game Master Toolkit and the Token Set, all for only $130! ***SOLD OUT!***

You can also purchase Kings, Nations, and Gods separately, with a free digital copy of WARMACHINE Prime Mk II on the Privateer Press Digital app included. Iron Kingdoms and WARMACHINE enthusiasts alike will find the info-packed Kings, Nations, and Gods book an indispensible resource for everything they want to know about Cygnar, Khador, Llael, Ord, and the Protectorate!

Bodgers Games

If you crave fast-paced, quick gaming fixes that are easy to learn yet difficult to master—or if you know someone who does—the Bodgers Games bundle is just the ticket. This bundle of quick-playing fun includes Infernal Contraption 2nd Edition, Heap, and BodgerMania as well as a set of four special promo cards to use in the included games for just $50! These games are perfect to break out at a game night or a party, or any time you want some zany action!

*All offers are while supplies last. No substitutions. Prices subject to change.

Circle Orboros Bundle$158.94
Convergence Bundle$173.95
Cryx Bundle$148.94
Cygnar Bundle$145.94
Khador Bundle$170.93
Legion of Everblight Bundle$146.94
Protectorate of Menoth Bundle$177.94
Retribution of Scyrah Bundle$157.94
Skorne Bundle$143.95
Trollbloods Bundle$170.94