Before Invasion… Before Extermination… There Was Betrayal

Privateer Press is taking the alien threat to the next level—and, no, that’s not Level 8.

From now until February 5th, 2016, players and readers can explore the world of LEVEL 7 through a special mission supplement to the LEVEL 7 [Omega Protocol] board game—and it’s free when players preorder LEVEL 7: The Judas Protocol, the new e-book by author Nathan E. Meyer, for $7.99 through Skull Island eXpeditions or DriveThruRPG. Both the game supplement and the novel take players and readers into a world where the only way to deal with deadly aliens is with deadly military force. It begins deep below the Arctic ice, in a sinister government laboratory known only as Subterra Foxtrot, where those aliens called the Ghin conduct hideous experiment on human victims. Locked in a one-sided bargain with the American government, trading technology for living subjects, one of the Ghin hides a devious secret from his handlers: betrayal and defection. Now, from the blackest depths of Special Operations comes a unit of ruthless killers, each man trained and outfitted to combat the alien menace....

As the other Disco members began caching the drop gear, Miller went to the edge of the windswept landing zone and pulled security while Hernandez worked his scrambled communications link.

“Disco Actual to Ranch,” he said.

“Go for Ranch,” Fallows replied immediately.

“We’re on the ground and initiating movement to target.”

“Good copy,” Fallows acknowledged. “We have eyes on.”

Miles above their heads, the SAA’s own clandestine Keyhole satellite spun in geosynchronous orbit, and NASA cameras focused tightly on the broken terrain with a lens capability so advanced it routinely read the license plates on speeding cars—at night.


On half a dozen large-screen monitors 2,800 miles away in the Dreamland Facility, the pale green figures of Disco Team showed up against the unbroken white canvas of Arctic tundra. The resolution was startling in its clarity.

Fallows frowned. The unit had deployed in just a little over fifteen minutes from the Groom Lake space shuttle–capable runway to the northernmost tip of Alaska to deal with this rapidly degenerating situation. The speed of the Aurora represented the absolute greatest capability on earth.

For all its speed, he didn’t think it was going to be fast enough.


On the stark, exposed finger of the northern Alaskan terrain, Hernandez turned around as his team cached the last of their jump gear and began readying their primary weapons.

He didn’t think they made it fast enough, either. Given the caliber of any unit capable of even attempting such a raid, he imagined the attackers were already well and truly gone.

He chambered a round in his weapon and watched his men. He was afraid there was going to be nothing left to do but clean up.

Inspired by the upcoming novel (which is scheduled for release this March), the board game supplement LEVEL 7 [Omega Protocol]: The Judas Protocol provides players with a series of four new missions that take place prior to the events in the LEVEL 7 [Omega Protocol] board game. Using the components of the core board game, players assume the roles of Disco Team members as they battle through the Subterra Foxtrot facility where alien forces and their human allies have set in motion a scheme with dire global consequences.

Those missions then appear in Nathan E. Meyer’s new book, LEVEL 7: The Judas Protocol. When one of the aliens betrays his American handlers, the government initiates the Judas Protocol, a countermeasure intended to recover the defector and erase all evidence of the Ghin. A Special Ops unit known as Disco Team is sent to conceal the U.S. involvement, a mission that races against a doomsday clock as the treacherous alien moves to bring about human extinction. Passages from LEVEL 7: The Judas Protocol provide context for each of the missions in the new game supplement.

“Elevator loading zone secured,” Miller said. “FYI, boss, I don’t even think explosives would breech this blast door.”

DeGroot shifted from one foot to another, M62 up and ready. He turned in a slow circle, sweeping the big weapon's muzzle around as he did. “I got nothing but a bunch of dead people scattered all over hell,” he said. “Staff or crew, I’d guess. Nobody breathing.”

“LT,” Hernandez said. “What's the story?”

“I'm getting something,” the counter measures specialist whispered, voice hoarse with stress.

“Can you give us some guidance?” Hernandez asked. “The drone isn't picking up crap.”

There was a long moment of silence while the unit XO held his answer. One hand pressed against his heavy helmet, the other holding his P100 braced against his hip, he turned slowly like a radar dish. Suddenly he stopped.

“Jesus Christ,” he said. “I don't know how close they are, but they’re closing in on us fast.”

Positioned on the perimeters of the room, Hernandez and Miller backed away, weapons up. Navarro took a step, scanning the cement wall in front of him. His eyes went to the vent. Behind his heads-up display visor, his eyes widened in realization.

“Watch the vents!” he snarled. “And check those corpses—we need a passkey to get out of here.”

These new missions will give readers a chance to walk in Disco Team’s boots before following the team’s chronicles in the novel, or they’ll give players a chance to compare their own survival skills against those of Disco Team. Either way, the combination of board game supplement and new novel make this new LEVEL 7 experience one not to be missed.

When the novel is released in March, readers and players will be able to buy the book and the game supplement separately, but now’s the time to get them as a bundle for $7.99 and get the supplement for free.

Click the link to preorder your copy through Skull Island eXpeditions or DriveThruRPG.