Announcing The First Undercity Expansion

Privateer Press is pleased to announce Black River Irregulars, the first expansion for The Undercity and the Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game line.

The Black River Irregulars Heroes expansion comes with four new heroes, ready to add their formidable strengths to their fellow Black River Irregulars from The Undercity.

Perhaps most exciting for players who have followed the Black River Irregulars since their first appearance in the Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game adventure "Fools Rush In" or read about them in the Skull Island eXpeditions novella "Murder in Corvis", Black River Irregulars introduces founding members Colbie Sterling and Eilish Garrity, allowing players to create a team of the original four Black River Irregulars in their games.

The leader of the B.R.I., Colbie Sterling brings both the brutal power of her slug gun and her cunning strategic mind to the fight. More than able to hold her own, Colbie’s real strength lies in her ability to push her fellow heroes to the max, while the battle-mage Eilish Garrity confounds enemies before obliterating them with his arcane mastery.

Joining these famous veterans are two new heroes fresh to the ranks of the Irregulars. Players can now call upon the power of the god Morrow with the battle-chaplain Bastian Kinnet. While Bastian’s skill with his blessed mace is formidable, it’s his divine healing powers that are sure to make him a valued member of any adventuring group he finds himself in.

*Work in progress, final product may change

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Rhulic pistoleer Barl Blackheel is all about backhanded tricks and cheap shots. Don’t let his armament fool you: despite being skilled at range, Barl loves nothing more than getting up close and personal where he can employ his full range of dirty fighting to kick his enemies in the teeth when they are down.

*Work in progress, final product may change

Whether you use the heroes of the Black River Irregulars together or mix and match them with the heroes from The Undercity, the arrival of these powerful new characters is sure to take your Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game to a whole new level!

Look for Black River Irregulars at your local retailer in the summer of 2016!