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The first combat of the Battle for the Athanc campaign takes place at the Cygnaran Royal Observatory.


2015 Gen Con P3 Grandmaster Winners

Every year at Gen Con, Privateer Press holds the Formula P3 Grandmaster Painting Competition. The prestigious competition draws some of the world's best miniatures painters, and as always the 2015 competition was filled with beautiful entries. Below is our 2015 P3 Grandmaster winner as well as the Bronze and Silver winners. Check out No Quarter #62 for your first chance to see all the entries, including our Gold winners!

New WARMACHINE and HORDES Errata Document Available

A new errata and FAQ document for WARMACHINE and HORDES is now available for download here.

The Rules Are Free!

You heard right: the rules for WARMACHINE and HORDES are now free!

Primecast Episode 21

Episode 21 of the Privateer Press Primecast has arrived! Join co-hosts Simon Berman and Will Shick as they interview fellow staffers at Privateer HQ and talk a lot about shrimp cocktails. Will starts off by interviewing Developer, William "Oz" Schoonover about The Undercity. Simon chats with RPG Producer, Matt Goetz about his experiences writing The Skorne Empire and demoing Iron Kingdoms Unleashed at Gen Con 2015. Finally, Will talks with Organized Play Developer, Will Hungerford about Gen Con events, including the Iron Gauntlet qualifier.

The Undercity and Iron Kingdoms Unleashed: Skorne Empire are now available!

Hitting our webstore and the shelves of your favorite local gaming store, both The Undercity and Iron Kingdoms Unleashed: Skorne Empire are now available!

Gen Con Wrap Up

Each year, Indianapolis sees tens of thousands of gamers descend on the city for four days of demos, dice rolling, deck building, and debuts. This year’s Gen Con proved no exception.

HORDES: Devastation Release Event

This is a HORDES-only event that features the Trollblood, Circle Orboros, Skorne, Legion of Everblight, and Minion armies. This event coincides with the release of HORDES: Devastation and allows players to earn Devastation points over the course of the day in a casual, free-play environment.

Creature Feature

A brutal and unforgiving landscape, a caste system that dictates every facet of life, magic that draws on the powers of pain and death—the Skorne Empire is a harsh realm by any measure, testing every being who dwells there.

Privateer Press is Live at Gen Con!

Privateer is live at Gen Con. The booth is full of exclusives, pins, patches, plushies, and prizes.

For those not able to make the trek to Indianapolis this year, don't worry. Our online store has everything you need to be at Gen Con virtually.

Privateer Press Seeks No Quarter Magazine Assistant

The No Quarter Assistant reports directly to the No Quarter editor-in-chief (EIC) and will assist the EIC with each issue of No Quarter magazine through its entire life cycle, from concept to deployment.

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