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In my last Insider, I shared some tips for staying focused and motivated to finish painting your armies. Today I’m going to walk through the method I am using to paint my Skorne army for our office slow-grow league.


Privateer Press Seeks Social Media Coordinator

The Social Media Coordinator is responsible for working under the Social Marketing Manager in executing the hands-on aspects of Privateer Press’ social media strategies and hands-on online audience engagement. This position requires a high degree of practical knowledge of diverse social media platforms and online community moderation practices. In some cases, travel to conventions for on-site social media coverage of Privateer Press events may be required.

Formula P3 Grandmaster competition at Gen Con 2015!

The rules for this year's Formula P3 Grandmaster painting competition are now available.

The Night Has A Deadly Surprise!

As if the wilds of Immoren weren’t dangerous enough, today marks the arrival of Bad Moon Rising for Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy.

Primecast Episode 20

Episode 20 of Privateer Press Primecast has arrived! Join co-hosts Simon Berman and Ed Bourelle as they interview fellow staffers at Privateer HQ. Ed talks to Convention Coordinator, Michael Plummer about his experiences at Lock & Load 2015 and what's in store for the summer convention season.

HORDES Gameplay Tutorial

This tutorial video teaches you the basics of HORDES through a sample game between Circle Orboros and the Legion of Everblight primarily using the contents of the HORDES Two-Player Battle Box.

Tournament Conversion Policy

The following rules apply to the use of converted models in Privateer Press organized play events. These rules are intended solely to ensure that models on the table are represented legally and unambiguously, not to unduly limit a player’s modeling options. An EO can make exceptions to these rules to approve any reasonable conversions.

Privateer Press Seeks Customer Support Specialist

The Customer Support Specialist’s primary duties are to assist the customer service team.

Privateer Press Seeks Studio Coordinator

The Studio Coordinator reports directly to the Creative Director. The Studio Coordinator’s primary duties include working with the Privateer Press miniatures studio to create and monitor schedules for producing miniatures. Other responsibilities include shipping and receiving miniatures and intermediate parts, preparing budget requests, monitoring the Studio’s supply inventory, and other logistical and clerical needs as required by the studio.

New Tournament Bag from Battle Foam Debuting at Lock & Load!

Privateer Press and Battle Foam introduce a new officially licensed Battle Foam bag! A variant of the extremely popular Privateer Press Tournament Bag, the new Privateer Press MOLLE Tournament Bag will be available soon—but limited quantities will be available early at Lock & Load GameFest 2015!

Officially Licensed WARMACHINE and HORDES Display Boards!

Privateer Press is pleased to announce an agreement with Broken Egg Games for officially licensed WARMACHINE and HORDES display trays!

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